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Annie, 30, and Bianka, 29, met each other at the start of 2016 when they walked into radio school (Radio Training Institute) realising they were the only two women in their class. After a couple of weeks of sitting across from each other... they spent a night bonding and have been inseparable ever since

They both finished at the top of their class; Bianka shining with her quick humour, music and pop culture knowledge and voice over, while Annie's stood out in her story telling, social and political knowledge and audio editing skills. 

However, nothing was obvious to the Radio School other than one simple fact  - they were a power duo together.

Annie and Bianka decided to work together as an on-air team. Discouraged that a female only duo would not work on-air in Australian radio, they took to podcasting instead. Their podcast, We Want To Be Better, reached #1 on the iTunes charts the day it launched, and they quickly began to create a community of listeners who also feel that they are fabulous already, but could always be better. 

While We Want To Be Better is a comedy podcast, Annie and Bianka have not shied away from tackling big, serious topics, such as domestic violence, grief over a lost loved one, and even abortion rights. Their balance of humour, genuity, and honesty has allowed them to shine a light on the often dark and unspoken things people are dying to talk about but are too afraid to. They are often commended for normalising taboo topics and helping their listeners in feeling less alone.   

Annie and Bianka's greatest asset is their friendship. It is not fake. The pair's closeness and love for one another is felt by their listeners and fans. It is their friendship that people are drawn to, with listeners often saying they feel that they are best friends with Annie and Bianka too. 

In such a short period of time they have been through so much together - Bianka getting married, Bianka supporting Annie through her husband's very public head injury, Annie supporting Bianka with her diagnosis of a chronic illness, rescuing animals together, holidaying together (husbandless and childless), performing shows, moving houses, and most recently... signing up for pole dancing class together!

One of the tips Annie and Bianka learnt at radio school was "don't spend too much time together". The reason to this theory was that being too involved in one another's lives would mean there would be nothing new to talk about on-air. But Annie and Bianka set their own rules. 

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