Bianka Ismailovski



Vivacious, sassy, and a lil’ bit trashy: Bianka is a Perth girl turned Melbournian, who has more self confidence than Beyonce herself (sorry, who is the real Queen B here?) 

Bianka is a natural born entertainer. She has no problem making fun of herself and takes everything with a pinch of salt. Bianka can be loud, funny, and downright outrageous. She never takes herself or life too seriously – the only thing she does take seriously is her work. 

Bianka is constantly creating comedy content through social media. Her Instagram page is known for hilarious stories, funny videos and relatable content. On stage, and on-air, Bianka's quick wit means there is never a dull moment! It's difficult to get a word in sometimes because when there is a mic in her hand she will command the room. 

Bianka would love to work in radio as on-air talent. Her ultimate spot would be as a breakfast radio host (good thing she loves coffee, huh?). This would be a perfect fit for her as she can talk on just about any topic, and is always the one being congregated around at parties because people want to hear what she has to say. 

Fun Facts!

Bianka used to have a tissue eating addiction!