Annie Nolan



Writing on her page "Uncanny Annie" since mid 2015, Annie quickly gained a loyal fan base of readers that appreciated humour, honesty, and not conforming to the norm. Her social media platforms now have over 100k followers collectively. 

It's Annie's "uncanny" knack of being able to talk on serious, pressing issues, then in the next minute talk candidly about her experience of adult incontinence or pop culture.

Annie’s distinctive writing ability, combined with her unique opinion has been sought after by various news and entertainment outlets including TIME, MamaMia, Kidspot and The Herald Sun.

She's also appeared numerous times on television programs such as Postcards, Sunrise on Channel 7, the AFL broadcast on Channel 7, the Los Angeles based program The Boris and Nicole show and The Morning Show (which you should definitely check out if you want to see how easily a segment can be derailed by children!)

Annie is unashamedly herself and has had many unique life experiences (all great for podcast content!) which makes Annie often stand out from the crowd. She has had posts go internationally viral with Perez Hilton blogging about her, she's got opinions bubbling wore a suit to the AFL 2016 Brownlow, and Paris Hilton even said that "Annie is Iconic."

As bizarre as those life experiences are, Annie prides herself on being a people person.

One of Annie’s greatest appeals to the people that follow her is that she is outspoken, but also tries to “walk the talk.” She's passionate to use her platform to highlight the issues including (but not limited to) the experience of premature birth and twins, Aboriginal Rights, Gender Equality, LGBTQI+ Rights, Environmentalism, Animal Rights and life following the passing of a loved one. 

To find out more about Annie, check out her website:

Fun Fact

If you spell Annie's middle name backwards it is "Alien"!