We Want To Be Better Podcast



We Want To Be Better is an upskilling podcast unlike any other. It thrives off humour, self-deprecation, self- acceptance, and friendship. Its distinctive, edgy nature and strong female duo is something rare and fresh to the Australian entertainment industry.

Not only is Annie and Bianka’s connection innate, it’s also their differences that make this team endearing and relatable;

Annie is the eccentric, kind, responsible, goofy. She’s outgoing but cautious. A mother of 3 with a home filled with rescued animals. Annie’s life often makes headlines. She‘s been coined the “Anti WAG” of the AFL by the media because of her alternative family life style and her willingness to make bold statements.

Meanwhile, Bianka is like the best friend you’d find yourself locked up with. She’s semi-vulgar, over confident, a pop culture queen, and party gal. Bianka’s confidence and carefree attitude is infectious. She is the voice of reason to Annie’s overthinking nature.

This dynamic combination has seen them hit #1 on Apple iTunes charts, sell out tickets to their live show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and inspire a loyal fan base of people that are actively perusing betterment. Goodbye googling “how to”, this is about grabbing on to life, giving things a try and accepting failures along the way.

As they say, “they’re pretty fabulous, but could always be better.”



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